Saturday, November 12, 2011

Aries On Hold

I was informed by Icarus Bride that Aries has been started by another group, so I will put what I am doing on hold since I currently do not own the whole set. But I will make an offer that if they need a cleaner- I will help if they need it.

With that aside, I am currently finishing up my post at A Willful Muse and will begin work on Darkness Dolls which I hope to have the first chapter done by New Years. I know my staff at AWM is sad to see me go, but I would like to start a new journey and work on what I love.

~Okami Hime

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hello and welcome Kage Hime Scans. The series you will find here will be:
Darkness Doll


At the moment I am scanning in the raws and my dear friend at Icarus Bride Scanlation is helping me translate some volumes. I hope you will bare with me since I am missing a few volumes of Aries and currently looking for them. But I do have all 3 volumes of Darkness Doll, so it is my main concern.
Thank you and I will do my best!